How is COMBAT READY™ Tape different than commercial kinesiology tape?

The concept is the same, but the execution is vastly different. There is a reason why Military Special Operations units, which can choose anything in the world to use…choose COMBAT READY™ Tape


How is FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape different than moleskin?

Both moleskin and FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape were both manufactured to accomplish the same objective, mitigate friction and aid in blister prevention. However that is where the commonalities stop. 


How is FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape different than commercial blister preventers?

People say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Not long after we launched the FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape, copycat products started showing up.


How long will the tape last/stay on/perform?

Your results may vary, but these are reasonable expectations. If your personal experience is different, contact us, and we’ll help you figure out what is going on.

That depends upon a number of different factors. To include how well you followed the instructions included in the kits, how much your body perspires, type of activity, etc.  On average, you should expect 2-3 days of wear as a blister preventer, and 4-5 days of wear for musculoskeletal/human performance scenarios.

Examples of usage from the military includes: The 25th ID field-tested FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape throughout the duration of Jungle School in Hawaii. It was recorded that FRICTION SHIELD™ Tape lasted on average 3.25 days of wear in this ultra-wet environment. Competitors of the Best Medic and Best Ranger competitions were utilizing COMBAT READY™ Tape and were averaging 4+ days of wear during these grueling physically demanding events.